Why the ‘Today’ Show Is Advising You Not to Buy Turkey for Thanksgiving.


Why the ‘Today’ Show Is Advising You Not to Buy a Turkey for Thanksgiving.

The Today Show featured NBC News correspondent Vicky Nguyen with tips on how to save money this holiday season, and a segment from Monday’s episode is going viral for its controversial suggestion to “forgo the turkey.”

Her suggestion to skip Thanksgiving altogether has sparked outrage.

Today anchor Kristen Welker began Monday’s segment by relating it to inflation and supply chain issues, both of which are driving up the cost of traditional Thanksgiving fare and threatening to keep low-income families from celebrating the holiday.

Between October 2020 and October 2021, Nguyen reported a 6.2 percent increase in prices, the highest rate in three decades.

She claimed that this went beyond annoyance and into the realm of “real money,” and she offered a few sound money-saving tips before warning that the next one would be “controversial.”

To save money this Thanksgiving, NBC recommends that people “forego the turkey”:

“If you tell everyone you’re having a turkey-free Thanksgiving, some guests may drop off the list—and that’s a cost-cutting measure as well.” pic.twitter.comSUAmiJb9Yd

“I think you should skip the turkey,” she suggested.

“Please bear with me.

That is, after all, a Thanksgiving meal must-have.

Turkey, on the other hand, is overrated by some.

It’s usually the priciest item on the table.

Instead, why don’t you prepare an Italian meal?”

“And, I’ll say this: if you tell everyone you’re having a Thanksgiving without turkey, some guests may drop off the list, and that’s a way to cut costs as well,” Nguyen said, adding, “I’m not recommending it, I’m just offering it.”

Welker jokingly said, “Keep the pie.”

Although the segment was clearly intended to be lighthearted, many viewers found it to be far too serious to laugh about.

Americans are under a lot of economic pressure right now, and it’s coming from all sides.

Even joking about severing social and familial ties to save money was deemed inappropriate by some commenters, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic was identified.

“Alternatively, don’t cook at all.

There will be no one there, and you will save even more money.

“You could also turn off your heat to save money and keep people away,” one commenter wryly added.

“They do realize we eat more than just on Thanksgiving right?” wrote another, while a third wondered aloud, “How…?”

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