Why The Archers’ 70 Years Left Me Cold


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It is true that in order to welcome EU and Commonwealth people into the NHS, more might and should be done (Letters, Dec. 31).

But if Britain had educated enough of its own medical practitioners and compensated them well enough to retain them, rather than bringing them in from other, often more needy, nations, it would have been even better. LondonNigel Turner
– To guess the date our pink camellia will bloom, we have a family competition (letters, December 30).

It was December 15 in 2019 and November 19 in 2020 – the earliest date ever.

On Christmas Day, it still blooms.

Bournemouth’s Adam Liddell
Although he supports vaccines around the clock, Dr. Bharat Pankhania says that the elderly should not be vaccinated at 3 a.m. (Jan. 1 report).

I’m sure a lot of people in their 80s are going to confirm that they’re really used to being up at 3 am, like me. Tom Williams Winchester
– I’m afraid I can’t share in the euphoria over the 70th birthday of The Archers.

My favourite radio show as a six-year-old was Dick Barton: Special Agent. I was looking forward to tales about Robin Hood and Co when I heard it was to be replaced by The Archers.

To this day, I bring with me the grudge.

St. Michael’s Bill Gregg Creech, Somerset
– It should certainly be named after Bob Dylan Thomas Hardy Amies Bridge Over Troubled Water considering the challenge of pleasing everybody when naming the Severn Bridge (Letters, January 1). St Albans, Hertfordshire, Peter Elliott


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