Why should you control ‘sap-sucking’ pests? Because it ‘attracts ants!’ says a gardening expert.


Why should you control ‘sap-sucking’ pests? Because it ‘attracts ants!’ says a gardening expert.

A GARDENING specialist has explained why “sap-sucking” pests should be controlled. Controlling them, according to the plant expert, would also help with another common garden issue.

According to a gardening expert, “sap-sucking” bugs attract ants, which may result in ants nesting in your plant pots. Ants can become a major issue if they begin to nest in your pots and containers. They can also safeguard your plants from predators like ladybirds by farming aphids on them.

Because aphids may destroy plants and spread illness, ants and aphids working together can cause a slew of plant issues.

Kevin Smith of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine has come up with an easy way to keep ants out of your plant pots and containers.

“It is possible to keep ants out of pots,” he remarked.

“Plants afflicted with green fly and other sap-sucking parasites are most prone to attract ants.

“Ants eat the sticky honeydew secreted by bugs.

“So keeping them under control will go a long way toward solving the situation.

“When planting, cover the holes in the base with a layer of fleece to prevent ants from nesting in the pots.

“Use nematodes as a biological control if you wish to get rid of an established nest.”

Nematodes are microscopic crates that kill other insects by acting as parasites.

They infect the host’s body with germs, which kills them.

The nematode then consumes the host, such as an ant or a pest.

Rather than purchasing a chemical pesticide, this is a biological control that will address the issue.

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When a chemical is used, it might harm the ecosystem and even target the incorrect wildlife.

Nematodes can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, including Amazon.

Depending on what you choose, they can cost anywhere from £8 to £20.

When employing nematodes, it’s critical to follow the directions exactly.

Ants are attracted to the delicious sap secreted by some plants, so a swarm of them might quickly bite through a stem and destroy a plant.

Other strategies for preventing ants from congregating around your plants exist.

Sprinkle cinnamon or cayenne pepper around them, according to some horticultural experts.

However, this is more of a repellant than a killing remedy for ants.


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