Why is Carrie Ann Inaba on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ wearing wigs?


Being the host or judge of a long-running TV series that centers on competitors could end up becoming a weird gig to have for a long period of time. Sure, you’re getting paid a ton of money and you’ll have your face plastered on people’s TV screens for years to come, which is a huge boon to anyone’s career. But after a while, you may want to “spruce things up” a bit, which could be why Carrie Ann Inaba is wearing wigs on Dancing With the Stars.

The popular dance competition show that pits celebrities against one another has been crushing it in terms of ratings for years now, and a lot of that has to do not only with the combination of the slick dance routines and the spectacles that go along with them, but also the enthusiasm of the members of judges’ panel, like Carrie Ann Inaba.

The judges always look incredibly fashionable, as you might expect for a show that celebrates style and performance. Judge Carrie Ann sometimes takes things to another level and dons a wig as well. Some of her wigs feature vibrant colors and unique styles, while others are similar to how her hair has looked in the past.

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When Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars first started, some fans of the show were not huge fans of the headpieces Carrie Ann was wearing, and now that Season 30 is underway, some people still feel the need to share their negative opinions.

“Not gonna lie. I’m really disliking all the wigs. Natural you is so beautiful and should be out there for the world to see,” one Instagram follower wrote.

Another person penned, “I don’t like the wigs either. No need for them,” while another commenter wrote, “You need a new glam squad!”

Carrie Ann shared a bunch of photos of her rocking some new looks courtesy of said “glam squad” where she thanked designers for their work in coming up with an aesthetic she was a huge fan of. But some people really weren’t digging it, it seems.

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Another fan added that they hoped the host was… Brinkwire short summary.


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