Why Did the Judge Deny Josh Duggar’s Request to Dismiss Evidence?


Why Did the Judge Deny Josh Duggar’s Request to Dismiss Evidence?

The child pornography case against Josh Duggar is set to go to trial shortly, and we now know why a judge dismissed the former reality TV star’s motion to dismiss evidence. As his child pornography trial approaches, Duggar has been opposing the court’s use of images taken of him in jail. The photographs are of Duggar’s hands and feet and are being used as evidence in the case. His attorneys alleged that the federal agent who took the pictures didn’t have a warrant to take them. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks noted in fresh legal documents obtained by PEOPLE that he declined a request to have the images thrown out because “there is no legal authority to imply agents needed a warrant before photographing Mr. Duggar’s hands and feet.” Brooks also stated that “Mr. Duggar consented to being photographed,” which prosecutors had previously stated. Brooks also turned down a plea for Duggar’s dismissal based on purported statements he made, such as asking, “What really is going on here? Is it possible that someone has been downloading child pornography?” The application was refused “because Mr. Duggar was never in custody” during those precise meetings with federal officials, according to the judge. Finally, Duggar’s lawyers submitted a motion to have his child pornography indictment dismissed, which Brooks dismissed as “frivolous” and lacking “legal foundation.” Judge Denies Motions to Dismiss Evidence in Josh Duggar Child Porn Case https://t.co/KRCTHzCfW8 Sheriffs in Arkansas arrested the former 19 Kids and Counting star on April 28, with no news on the reason for the arrest at the time. He was taken into jail by US Marshals the next day and formally charged with possessing child pornography. Duggar entered a “not guilty” plea to the allegations and was held in custody pending a bond hearing.

Duggar was released on bond and is currently residing with a family friend. Other than his own children, he is barred from having contact with youngsters. The father-of-six is said to have “unlimited contact” with his children, but his wife — who is presently pregnant with the couple’s seventh child — must accompany him. In November, his trial will begin.

Duggar has not spoken publicly on his detention — or the allegations he is facing — at this time, although his attorneys earlier published a joint statement regarding his charges.

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