Why did Outlander star Grant O’Rourke and a lollipop lady get into it….


IN the historical TV drama Outlander, actor Grant O’Rourke plays a rugged Highland warrior at the time of the Jacobite uprising. An excellent marksman, he is also deadly with a dagger.

But can the plucky actor handle himself so well in real life?

A certain lollipop lady he recently clashed with doesn’t think so. When Grant wanted to cross the street, she ordered him to stop while she pressed the traffic light button. Together, they waited for the green man.

‘I was furious,’ says Grant, who is 41. “I’m a big boy, I can cross the street by myself.”

He should consider himself lucky. At least the friendly lollipop lady didn’t hold his hand.

Chocs away

As B. Dylan Esq once noted, times are changing. And not always for the better. Reader Faye Chisholm says, “I’m old enough to remember when Christmas bubbles referred to the extra-large bar of Aero my husband used to buy me for the holidays.”

Fruitful pursuit

“I love talking to people about the benefits of dried grapes,” says reader Tom Stevens. “I’m all about raisin awareness.”

Kid’s Stuff

NICOLA Sturgeon asked kids to create a picture for her Christmas card this year that represented kindness.

We pitched in, assuming most kids have more important things to do with their precious time (like stare at their cell phones from morning to night).

Reader Ken Ridley suggests a picture of Nicola herself wielding a cattle prod, leading a long line of fellow citizens into a row of voting booths. (Nicola’s cattle prod, of course, pokes and jolts in a lovingly gentle way. Kindness… always kindness).

A speech bubble that comes out of the First Minister’s mouth reads, “Hurry up, folks. Nae reason tae dawl. This is already the third referendum of the day.”

Screw it

OUR readers continue to outrage us with cruel jibes about people of short stature. In the early 1980s, a short friend of Richard Gault’s claimed he was a donkey carrier for Lego. He even had a donkey jacket tailored with the toy company’s name on the back.

Apparently, this was only a short-term occupation. The fellow upgraded his qualifications and became a test pilot for Airfix.

Contemporary melodies

MORE Christmas carols to suit modern sensibilities. David Donaldson suggests carolers belt out the lyrics, “I saw three people who didn’t comply.”

Boxing clever

A brilliant idea from reader Bruce Johnson. “The Discovery Channel should be on a different frequency every day,” he says.


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