Why did Michelle Hurd depart as Detective Monique Jeffries on Law and Order SVU?


Why did Michelle Hurd depart as Detective Monique Jeffries on Law and Order SVU?

Some of the most famous characters on LAW AND ORDER SVU have left the show, but why did actress Michelle Hurd leave?

Over the last two decades, the core investigative team on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit has undergone numerous changes. Detective Monique Jeffries, who left in season two, was one of the initial characters. What was the cause for actress Michelle Hurd’s departure from the NBC drama?

Jeffries was assigned to Captain Cragen (Dann Florek) and worked with Detective Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) at first, before moving to now-retired Detective John Munch (Richard Belzer).

She was initially quite professional and followed all of the rules, but she quickly developed a taste for danger in the workplace.

She became more of a loose cannon as a result of this, and she even slept with a suspect, forcing her to leave active service.

Jeffries was demoted to a desk position, which she assumed would be temporary until she learned that her replacement had been hired.

Law and Order: Special Edition Fans notice a clue concerning Olivia’s son Noah Porter on SVU.

Jeffries resigned, but not before threatening to sue the government for discrimination.

To prevent her from taking the unit to court, she was reassigned to Vice, thus leaving the squad behind.

She only appeared again in season two, when she aided the SVU during an investigation that was related to her own.

So, what transpired behind the scenes that led to Jeffries’ dismissal from the show?

Hurd has remained tight-lipped about her decision to depart Law & Order.

However, it has been widely reported that she chose to leave because she felt her character was underutilized in the cast.

She didn’t believe the creators had enough faith in her or Jeffries as a character, so she decided to leave.

Jeffries is the only main character from the first eight seasons who did not return in a guest or recurring role following his departure from the program.

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Detective Finn Tutuola (Ice T), the franchise’s second longest-serving character, took her place.

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