Why did Matt Rogers join the Q Force? By ‘accident,’ the star earned a role.


Why did Matt Rogers join the Q Force? By ‘accident,’ the star earned a role.

Matt Rogers, who starred in Q-FORCE, is one of a slew of well-known actors in Netflix’s latest animated comedy. But why was he cast “by chance” in the part of Twink?

Matt is one of the major cast members who voiced characters in Netflix’s Q-Force, an animated comedy about a gang of underappreciated LGBTQIA+ super spies. Sean Hayes, Gary Cole, and Wanda Sykes are among the show’s other notable cast members, but Matt was not originally scheduled to appear. It was all “by chance,” so how did the actor win such a high-profile role?

Matt was hired as a writer for the show before being promoted to showrunner by Gabe Liedman, who also plays Benji in the series.

However, his supervisors eventually felt that he would be better off as a member of the cast, and he was cast as Twink.

Twink, dubbed the “master of disguise,” is a member of the Q-Force who can transform into drag at any time.

Matt was requested to read for the character on the first table-read of the season since the producers weren’t happy with the additions they had seen.

“After the table read, they all came out of their meeting and said they wanted to offer me the role,” the actor explained.

“So that was how it happened,” he explained, implying that Matt worked on the show as both a cast member and a writer.

This is the exact situation that showrunner Gabe and executive producer Sean, who plays Steve Maryweather in the series, experienced.

Matt was able to improvise when it came to recording his character’s voice because of his ability to perform in the comedy as well as write the scripts.

“It’s probably like 95 percent stuff that was already in the screenplay in the final edits of the episodes,” he recalled.

“Every now and then, I’ll hear something and think to myself, ‘Oh yes, that was one of my improvs,’” Matt said.

It happened by chance.

Matt Rogers (Matt Rogers) is a

Despite his initial reluctance to take on a character part, Matt swiftly stepped into Twink’s footsteps.

“Immediately, the character of Twink really popped out to me as someone,” he added when asked about his thoughts on the role.

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