Why did Jackson Pace, a Gage actor, leave The Walking Dead?


Why did Jackson Pace, a Gage actor, leave The Walking Dead?

Season 11 of THE WALKING DEAD is already off to a stunning start, with the show proving once again that no character is safe. But why did Jackson Pace, who played Gage, decide to leave the show?

The 11th season of The Walking Dead isn’t wasting any time in putting its characters to death, with Gage (Jackson Pace) being the latest victim of the zombie apocalypse. Fans are asking why Pace decided to leave the season so soon, given that there are still 22 episodes left before the series winds up for good. For the rest of the season, his death has set a terrible precedent.

Gage, who first appeared in the series in 2018, was killed off last night in a surprising surprise betrayal.

Gage was separated from the rest of the group and was pursued by a swarm of walkers when he became stuck in a train carriage.

With only a door separating him from the rest of the survivors, it appeared as if he would be able to escape like he had done so many times before.

The door, however, was shut, and after a determined Alden (Callan McAuliffe) attempted in vain to open it, it was decided to abandon Gage.

Maggie (Lauren Cohen) was the one who advised the rest of the gang to leave him alone, despite her own attempts to save him.

The crew didn’t “have the ammo to clear” the walkers, Maggie reasoned.

Some were sceptical, and the group was split as a result of the tense time.

Finally, before the walkers could reach him, Gage ended his own life, bringing his arc to a close.

Gage joined the squad in season nine and has had a lot of experience in the three seasons he’s been a part of it.

Initially a villain, he evolved into a sympathetic member of the gang, garnering the respect of many of the other survivors.

Jackson Pace has not stated why he quit the show, although it is likely that the writers made the decision to elevate the stakes in the last season.

Season 11 will be the final season of the series, therefore Gage will not be the last member of the group to die.

Gage’s death has set the tone for the remaining 20 episodes before the finale. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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