Why did Elvis Presley hold around his neck the Star of David and the Hebrew Chai symbol?


Perhaps one of the most talked about superstars who ever lived is Elvis Presley.

Forty years after his death, a special place in the hearts of his fans is still held by the King of Rock and Roll.

Most people don’t know many things about Presley.

The star was a religious man and even got his start from church attendance, interestingly enough. Religion was an important part of Presley and was also one of his personal barber’s subjects he explored.

The musician typically wore a sign of the Hebrew Chai around his neck.

Elvis continues to be a celebrated icon

Born in Mississippi, Presley moved to Tennessee when he was 13 years of age.

The singer was born thirty-five minutes after Jesse Garon Presley, his twin brother. Jesse was, sadly, stillborn. Presley, growing up, formed a strong relationship with his mother.

Presley’s father was arrested for check-forgery when he was 3 years old, and the family finally lost their home. With friends, Presley and his family had to move in. He was still deemed an average student by Presley’s teachers.

His teacher inspired him to sign up for a singing contest at the fair after he performed a Red Foley country song in front of the class.

The performance was his very first appearance in public, in which he finished fifth.

Young Presley got a guitar for his birthday the next year, although he had simply requested a bicycle.

He was very reserved and did not want to perform in front of individuals, Presley says. He took his uncles and his pastor’s guitar lessons and learnt to play some notes by watching his teachers play. Presley was not popular with his peers during high school.

That changed, however, when he decided to participate in the Humes’ Annual Show. No one knew he could sing, and his school reputation changed for the better when he took the stage and sang Till I Waltz Again with You.

A triple baptized Pentecostal, Presley was

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Elvis Presley (@elvis)In his hometown of Tupelo, when the King of Rock and Roll was a boy, a Trinitarian Pentecostal minister baptized him.

As a young teenager, a Unitarian Pentecostal preacher in Memphis baptized Presley again.

The star received a posthumous baptism from members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after his death.

The Assembly of God was often attended by Presley and his family. This is where he got his musical roots and took his pastor’s guitar lessons as well.

There are different rumors, however, that through his great-great-grandmother Nancy Burdine, Presley may have been a halachic Jew.

Presley’s boss, Colonel Tom Parker, urged Presley to moderate his Jewish heritage for fear of Southern anti-Semitism, according to the Chicago Tribune. Presley also had a tombstone inscribed with a cross and a Star of David for his mother. In August 1958, his mother, Gladys Presley, passed away.

Presley wore around his neck the Hebrew Chai sign and the Star of David.

“I had a lot of puppy loves” (Elvis talking about girls in high school). #ElvisPresley #Puppy #Love pic.twitter.com/y77NWhUnfy- Elvis Presley (@ElvisPresley) December 19, 2020 Before Elvis Presley died, Priscilla Presley realized something was wrong-‘he dealt with a lot of problems’

The singer did not forget his heritage, while Presley’s father and manager worried that the star, who professed his ethnicity, would expose himself to possible threat. Currently, he still wore the sign of the Hebrew Chai and the Star of David around his neck.

With the letters Yod and Het, which are Hebrew words for life, the pendant around the star’s neck was etched. While wearing the Chai symbol and the cross, Presley also reportedly died. Whenever Presley was asked why he wore his neck pendants, he said he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go to heaven on a technicality.

In August 1977, in the bathroom of his Graceland home, Presley died.


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