Why did Chris Noth, who played Mike Logan on Law and Order, leave the show?


Why did Chris Noth, who played Mike Logan on Law and Order, leave the show?

a scene from LAW AND ORDER Chris Noth rose to stardom as Mike Logan, the show’s first junior investigator, so why did he leave the drama?

Many of Law and Order’s most popular characters left the program at some time throughout its tenure, including actor Chris Noth. The 66-year-old is best known for his roles as Big in Sex and The City, but he was previously recognized for his role as Detective Mike Logan in the NBC series. Here’s what we know about the actor’s decision to leave the police drama.

Actor Noth was a founding member of the Law and Order franchise, having appeared in every episode since the pilot.

He was the charming young detective with lots of swagger and zeal when it came to apprehending the bad guys.

For five years, Logan was a fan favorite who contributed to the show’s international popularity.

Unfortunately, he only lasted for the first five seasons of the show before leaving.

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Detective Logan punched a politician who was found not guilty during a murder trial at the end of season five.

Logan was forced transferred from Manhattan to a Staten Island facility as a result of this.

Logan would later appear in the spin-off series Law and Order: Criminal Intent in 2005, so this wasn’t the end of the character.

For a few years, he was a recurring character in the show before departing for good in 2008.

Unfortunately, Logan had to be written off of Law and Order since Noth had to leave.

According to the Associated Press, producer Dick Wolf indicated that scheduled contract negotiations were underway, with Noth eligible to a raise if he stayed for the sixth season.

Wolf, on the other hand, claimed that giving Noth the raise would have been “impossible.”

“He’s [Noth] extremely sorry that they couldn’t bring it together, but he’s had five terrific years, and his feeling is that it’s time to move on,” Dolores Robinson, head of Noth’s management team, said at the time.

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Of course, this wasn’t the end of the story. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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