Why did British Sea Power delete the word “British” from their new moniker?


Why did British Sea Power delete the word “British” from their new moniker?

Why has British Sea Power renamed, removing the word “British” from their name?

After two decades of being known as British Sea Power, the indie band will be known just as Sea Power, omitting the prefix “British.” The group claims they don’t want to be associated with “isolationist, aggressive nationalism.”

Since its inception in 2000 by brothers Scott and Neil Wilkinson, Sea Power has been known as British Sea Power.

On Monday, the band revealed their name change on their website, saying it came after “a lot of thought and soul-searching.”

The band simply said on Twitter, “Goodbye British Sea Power.” Greetings, Sea Power.”

Their former name had “started to feel restrictive, like an ancient heritage we were carrying with us,” they claimed on their website.

“Britain no longer ruled the oceans when we came up with the original band name,” they explained. The band’s name was chosen with a caustic sense of humour in mind.

“British sea power was an antiquated concept in the historical sense. It was now just a rock band’s name…”

“Now, 20 years later, we’re recasting the name,” they added. In recent years, there has been a growth throughout a particular type of nationalism in the world — an isolationist, aggressive nationalism with which we don’t want to be associated.”

The band stated that they intended to set themselves apart from a “wave of vulgar nationalism” and that they aspire to be a “internationalist band.”

One of their songs, “Waving Flags,” is described as a “anthem to pan-European idealism” by them.

“We’d like to make it clear that deleting the word ‘British’ does NOT suggest any hostility to the British Isles whatsoever,” they said, despite the fact that their decision to modify their name appears to separate them from Britain.

“We all consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been born and raised on these islands.”

The band’s founders were born and raised in Cumbria.

“Several of our songs are filled with love and amazement for this place,” the band says. We adore these places.

“We are all still British Isles residents, but we are now just Sea Power.”

Sea Power has stated that they “very hope” that no one will be insulted by the modification.

The band’s Twitter has been entirely rebranded. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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