Why did BD Wong leave his role as Special Agent George Huang on Law & Order SVU?


Why did BD Wong leave his role as Special Agent George Huang on Law & Order SVU?

The popular series LAW & ORDER SVU is part of the ever-expanding Law and Order franchise. But why did BD Wong abandon his role as Special Agent George Huang on the NBC show?

Fans of Law and Order SVU may recall Special Agent George Huang (BD Wong), who starred on the show from 2001 to 2015. The absence of the actor is still felt, with the NBC series being in its 22nd season without him. But why did the series’ star decide to leave?

BD Wong’s role in Law and Order SVU was one of the series’ most persistent characters.

He made his first appearance in season two and went on to play a regular part from seasons four to twelve.

Finally, from seasons 13 through 15, Wong stepped down as George Huang and became more of a guest star on the show.

Wong left the program before of season 16 and fans saw him in the role for the last time at the end of season 15.

George Huang’s character was an FBI agent and the team’s in-house forensic psychiatrist.

He was noted for his meticulous and meticulous work methods, as well as his dedication to protecting the victims and uncovering the truth about the crimes.

The character’s departure from the series has never been definitively explained, with Huang gradually walking away from his role on the show.

Wong’s character just appeared less and less in the show as he progressed from a series regular to a guest, albeit the show never acknowledged this.

It’s widely assumed that Huang was merely reassigned from his SVU team role.

The majority of his supporters believe he has returned to his last known location in Oklahoma City, where he supports the FBI.

Because the character left the show gradually, his absence was less noticeable than that of others who went abruptly.

This opens the door for Huang to return, albeit whether or not the Special Agent would help the SVU team again would be up to star Wong.

Wong’s exit from the show was due to a standard actor reason: he was pursuing another role with NBC.

Wong left to join the sitcom Awake, where he co-starred with Jason Isaacs for its one and only season. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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