Why did Adele James, who played Tina Mollett on Casualty, leave the show?


CASUALTY actress Adele James has made an exit from the BBC medical drama as her character, Tina Mollett’s story came to an end. But why did she decide to leave the show?

Adele joined the cast of Casualty last year when her alter-ego Tina began a romance with Jacob Masters (played by Charles Venn) following the death of her brother. In episodes which recently aired, the BBC medical drama revealed why the character had been introduced as she took centre stage in a coercive control storyline with her as the abuser. In Saturday night’s gripping instalment of the television programme, she made an exit as her true colours came to light and here is everything you need to know about why the actress who played her left.

Although she started out as a semi-regular character, Tina became one of the most sinister members of the Emergency Department team to ever walk the wards of Holby City hospital.

It wasn’t explained, to begin with, she would end up abusing Jacob, so many viewers thought she was going to be a background character who cropped up now and then.

As the show tackled the themes of domestic abuse in which the woman was the perpetrator, Adele got her moment to shine as she made fans hate her alter-ego.

The BBC did not reveal before Saturday night’s episode the actress was going to be making an exit but shortly after the scenes aired, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the departure.

In view of her 2,960 followers, Adele posted a series of images of her character standing beside the actor who plays Jacob, Charles.

The actress wrote: “Thank you all for the support you’ve shown @charles_venn and I whilst we journeyed through this very difficult storyline.

“If you have been affected by Tina and Jacob’s story, please do seek out the relevant help and support safely.

“I don’t have all the words right now, but I will soon. Until then, take the best care,” Adele commented as she concluded the caption.

Adele did not explicitly state why she was leaving the show but it is likely her exit was written in for storyline purposes.

Viewers will watch as Jacob tries to make sense of what was done to him and his road to recovery isn’t going to be easy.

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