Why are two gentlemen running M6 services attracting so much attention at the Lake District Farm Shop?


Why are two gentlemen running M6 services attracting so much attention at the Lake District Farm Shop?

LAKE DISTRICT FARM SHOP premiered to 1.4 million viewers earlier this month, and Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes asked colleagues Dave and Alexander what the secret to their success was on Thursday’s This Morning.

Tebay Service Station is a family-run stop in the Lake District that celebrates local farmers, food producers, and craftspeople. Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford of This Morning spoke to head butcher Dave and buyer Alexander about what makes them different from other highway services. They maintained that they work hard to guarantee that they supply the highest quality products and that they go out of their way to provide clients “something extra.”

“A few individuals would describe a stop at a motorway service station as fascinating to say the least, but certainly not the highlight of a holiday,” Eamonn began.

Ruth said, “It’s a necessity on Saturday!” as her husband continued, “It’s a must on Saturday!” The phrase “stuck in traffic on the M25” refers to being stuck in traffic.

Ruth went on to talk about a vacation she took with Eamonn to Ireland and how they ended up at Tebay Services. “Why can’t all service stations be like this?” Eamonn wondered.

“They’re actually a farm shop and do all this unique bread, and there’s a butchers,” he continued. It was wonderful.”

“Now that they’ve been on a fresh new TV show, a lot of people have discovered them,” Ruth continued.

“This is a family-owned service station that is proving to be a big hit with the audience.”

Dave and Alexander are introduced, with the latter discussing his position and how he makes the service station a must-see.

Alexander explained, “I’m the farm shop buyer, and I buy all of the food in the shop except the butchers, which I leave to Dave since he knows what he’s doing.”

Ruth said, “He obviously knows what he’s doing and has become a bit of a star on the show.” “Have you been a butcher there for a long time?” It’s an unusual location for a butcher’s counter.”

“It will be my 15th year in December,” Dave stated. Walking into a service station and seeing a pitcher counter is unusual.

“However, the family farm and the company are inextricably linked. When I first came into this company, my job was to bring them together.”

All of the vegetables on display, Dave explained, came from a family farm that ran alongside the service station.

“What reaction do.” Brinkwire Summary News, Ruth inquired.


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