Why are my tomato leaves turning yellow on my plants? EXPLANATION OF A SERIOUS CONDITION


Why are my tomato leaves turning yellow on my plants? EXPLANATION OF A SERIOUS CONDITION

TOMATO trees should have begun yielding fruit recently, and gardeners can pick them in the coming months with care. What causes the yellowing of tomato leaves?

As the blazing midsummer heat of 30°C bears down on the UK, tomato harvest season is approaching. The plants should have produced fruit in late spring to early summer after seeding in late winter. However, some people may notice that their crops do not develop as predicted, and instead have discolored appendages.

A robust tomato plant growing outside can be harvested in July, August, and September.

Greenhouse gardeners may notice that their plants sprout faster and last longer, but they are also more susceptible to illness.

Yellow patches on the leaves of greenhouse tomato plants are an indication of leaf mould.

Tomato plants can emerge quickly and spread across a variety of crops.

If left untreated, leaf mold can result in “significant yield loss,” according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

On the lower surface of afflicted leaves, the mold produces a distinctive grey-brown development.

Because outdoor crops are less susceptible to leaf mould, they don’t require as much monitoring.

Mold may be avoided by growing genetically resistant plants, according to the RHS.

Because mold thrives in humid environments, gardeners should consider improving greenhouse ventilation.

One of the more serious causes of yellowing leaves is leaf mould.

Several different situations might cause the entire plant to turn yellow, and the majority of them are fairly remediable.

Other factors that contribute to yellow tomato plant leaves include:

Tomato plants can also turn yellow if they are not properly cared for.

Gardeners who water too much or too little in excess of the suggested timetable may also experience discoloration.

Every five to seven days, water the plants at the base, keeping the leaves as dry as possible.

Tomato plants can also be deficient in nutrients due to insufficient feeding or a lack of nitrogen-rich soil.


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