Who’s in the Gogglebox special? Who’s in the Gogglebox special?


Who’s in the Gogglebox special? Who’s in the Gogglebox special?

CELEBRITY GOGGLEBOX returns tonight (September 10) for a special episode in honor of Channel 4’s Black to Front Day. Who’s in the starting lineup?

Celebrity Gogglebox will make a one-night-only appearance on Channel 4 for a special episode. The special is part of the networks’ Black to Front Project, which puts black talent in the spotlight. This webpage offers all the information you need about the Gogglebox special’s cast.

Rudolph Walker is best known for his role as Patrick Trueman in EastEnders, a popular British soap opera.

For many years, the 81-year-old Trinidadian actor has been a fan favorite on the show.

Tameka Empson, who plays an equally famous character in the show, Kim Fox, will join him.

For this special episode, the comedian and Rudolph are sure to make folks laugh.

Diversity, a world-renowned dance ensemble, is represented by the dancing trio.

Ashley went on to host a number of reality shows, including Flirty Dancing and Can’t Touch This.

Jordan and Perri, on the other hand, went on to anchor KISS Breakfast on the radio.

Fans are excited to see all three of them on Gogglebox because they are all iconic entertainers.

Mo and Babatundé are no strangers to Gogglebox, having appeared on the regular Celebrity series on numerous occasions.

Due to their amazing banter, the comedians frequently leave audiences in fits of laughter.

Mo made an appearance at the 2021 National Television Awards, where he co-starred with Joel Dommett in the opening scene.

Babatundé has also appeared in EastEnders as Sam and Frankie as Tim in 2013.

Three sets of recognizable faces are slated to return for tonight’s celebrity special.

The three brothers Tremaine, Twaine, and Trista are well-liked, and Amira and Amani have a large fan base.

Marcus and Mica are also well-liked for their witty banter and easygoing demeanor.

a television personality Rustie Lee is a former politician who has worked as a TV chef, actress, and singer.

Celebrity Coach Trip and Celebrity Super Spa are two films in which the 72-year-old has starred.

She’ll be accompanied by Mr Motivator, a TV star and one of the world’s most well-known health and wellness trainers.

The 68-year-old is still vibrant, and fans are eager to see him inject some life into Gogglebox.

On the most recent season of RuPaul’s Drag, the two drag queens built a name for themselves. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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