Who Won the Fight Between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley in the End?


There are tons of influencers who are trying to get into the fight game because people are seriously willing to toss money at watching non-professional fighters mix it up in the squared circle. While there are many combat sports purists who think these “freakshow fights” are a slap in the face of actual martial artists and truly competitive athletes, these fights are clearly about making money. Just ask Jake Paul, who recently fought Tyron Woodley and has people already asking: Who does Jake Paul fight next?

To the shock of many, Paul managed to eke by with a split decision win. He used his reach and volume punching to outscore Tyron Woodley, who managed to nearly knock out Jake Paul in the fourth round of their contest.

Woodley caught Paul with a massive shot that sent the YouTuber backpedaling and on his bicycle for the next two minutes. The former four-time UFC welterweight champion’s recent tendencies of not pulling the trigger in his last few octagon outings were on full display, much to the chagrin of Paul decriers everywhere.

From seeing the “pop” in Woodley’s punches to Paul gulping for air during the fight, many thought that Tyron just needed to push the pace a little more and be aggressive to knockout the now-professional boxer who has yet to fight someone with actual boxing experience in the ring.

While the Paul brothers both receive a lot of hate, Jake Paul appears to have legitimate sparring partners and trainers in his corner. The now maligned J’Leon Love who was involved in a verbal altercation with Tyron Woodley’s mom after a face-off during a press conference is a bonafide pro boxer and someone who trains with Paul regularly.

Congrats to Jake Paul for beating a 39 year old retired UFC fighter who had never boxed. Incredible.

One of MMA’s most respected athletes of all time, Demetrius Johnson, has praised the Paul brothers in the past, stating that they train harder than most full-time fighters and that their work ethic is second to none.

Then there are some who say that they would like to see the brothers face someone with the same amount of training experience who possess similar height, weight, and reach statistics.

While many believe that Woodley’s barrage against Paul counted as the only real damage dealt in the fight, the fight score numbers clearly indicate… Brinkwire short summary.


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