Who will appear in the final episode of Shetland season 6?


Who will appear in the Shetland season 6 episode 6 finale?

SHETLAND season 6 will end tonight with the conclusion of the investigation.

But who will be in the final episode’s cast?

Season six of Shetland has been airing on BBC One, and tonight’s episode (November 24) will be full of surprises.

Inspector Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) wraps up the case by arresting two suspects and taking them to the police station for questioning.

This website has everything you need to know about the episode six guest cast.

In the final episode, Niven is one of the suspects who is apprehended and taken to the station.

He’s a well-known businessman who’s a suspect in Jimmy’s most recent investigation.

Alec Newman, a 46-year-old Scottish actor best known for his role in the 2000 miniseries, portrays Niven.

In addition, he appeared in the films Dune and Showtrial, both directed by Frank Herbert.

Jimmy has kept an eye on Rasha, and she has a lot to answer for in the final episode.

Helene Maksoud, who played May Radfield in Coronation Street in 2019, plays her.

Bridgerton, Deep State, and Doctors were among the actress’s guest roles.

Mick Muir, the Life Support Supervisor in charge of diver safety, had previously been suspected.

After being assaulted by a group of enraged crew members, he was rushed to the hospital.

Andy Clark, a 46-year-old actor who has appeared in films such as The Da Vinci Code and Missing, plays Mick.

Mick Muir’s housemate Carrie McAndrew has been named as one of the new suspects.

Lois Chimimba, who has recently appeared in films such as Vigil, The One, and Trust Me, plays her.

Molly is the teenage daughter of Kate Kilmuir (Neve McIntosh), and she returns from previous seasons of Shetland.

Julia Brown, a Scottish actress best known for her roles in The Last Kingdom and Jimmy McGovern’s Anthony, portrays her.

Amiera Darwish, who has starred in films such as Trust Me and War of the Worlds, plays Kirsty.

She’s also appeared in a few short films, including Shapes and Strange Places, and on the show Casualty.

Maggie Kean is a public prosecutor who investigates suspicious deaths.

Anneika Rose is best known for her roles in Line of Duty, Deadwater Fell, and The Feed.

Guilt and Ackley Bridge are two of her other TV credits.

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