Who Was the “Largest Makeup Influencer on Twitter in 2016” According to This Viral TikTok?


The online beauty community has been full of scandals, from James Charles’ sexual misconduct allegations to Jeffree Star repeatedly being canceled.

But who was the largest beauty influencer on Twitter in 2016? A viral TikTok video made by someone claiming to be their former assistant alleged they had receipts of this influencer’s scams.

TikTok user @coloradho claimed she was an assistant to the “largest beauty influencer on Twitter in 2016” in a video that has now raked in more than 3.8 million views. She claimed she had receipts that she was ready to share to expose this person, and other TikTok users were more than ready for the tea.

5 years later and I still don’t have Twitter Bc of the trauma from them 😀 #scammer #influencer #drama #stealing

“When you were an assistant for the largest makeup influencer on Twitter in 2016 and you’re finally ready to expose the text receipts of them knowingly scamming fans, stealing from fans, and making fun of fans,” the text on the video reads.

“Five years later and I still don’t have Twitter [because]of the trauma from them. #scammer #influencer #drama #stealing,” the description on the TikTok reads.

The user addressed this further in a livestream, allegedly identifying the influencer as UrbanDoll.

For a brief period of time, @Coloradho’s video was taken down and she wrote in comments across her other videos that it was because she didn’t want any more drama to be directed at UrbanDoll.

“Hi besties! I ended up going live and the influencer I was talking about joined and we respectfully hashed it out and they apologized for everything,” she wrote. “I took the video down because the comments were filled with doxxing and death threats and it became too much. I hope you all can understand!”

“I understand everyone wanted the tea however, since it’s been settled and apologies were given I’d like to move on. I apologize if I let you down,” she continued in another comment. “it was the best decision for me at this time. Given the fact I recently found out the influencer is a new mother, I didn’t find it appropriate to add anymore stress to them after it had been hashed out.”

She later identified UrbanDoll as the influencer she was referring to in the comments of the original video.

In 2018, UrbanDoll’s accounts were suspended and she made a statement… Brinkwire short summary.


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