Who perished at Ravenseat, our Yorkshire farm?


OUR YORKSHIRE FARM follows the Owen family as they work and live on Ravenseat Farm. Sadly, Amanda Owen recently made an announcement of a death on the farm.

Our Yorkshire Farm is loved for its wholesome content as it follows family life on a farm. Taking place in Ravenseat in the Yorkshire Dales, Amanda and Clive Owen are joined by their brood of nine children to share with fans their daily life. However, Amanda has recently shared the tragic news of a death at the farm.

Amanda Owen made the announcement last week that the family was dealing with a tragedy recently.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess told one fan that one of the family’s sheepdogs, Bill, had died at the old age of 15.

The new series of Our Yorkshire Farm premiered on October 5, with the first episode taking viewers back to last winter during lockdown.

The family was trying to find some lost sheep during a particularly harsh blizzard, while dealing with all the kids being home-schooled as they couldn’t go to their local school.

It was a dramatic episode, but Amanda and the family, with the help of their sheepdogs Bill and Kate, managed to get through it.

Following the release of the episode, one fan showed their support for the Owens, but received the surprising news when Amanda replied.

Replying to Amanda’s post of the new episode, user @Charles13497071 wrote: “I felt so bad for Kate during the sheep hunt in deep snow.

“At one point she looked so forlorn. She loves to go, but I hope she gives the nod to the pups this next winter.”

In a now-deleted reply, Amanda responded: “The conditions were dire.”

She added: “Kate (& also Bill RIP) has (sic) the ability to be able to find buried sheep under the snow. She knows what I don’t. A good sheepdog makes all the difference.”

Another fan then asked if Bill had passed away, to which Amanda confirmed he had at the age of 15.

It is unlikely this will be seen in the series, as it seems to have happened between filming.

Bill has been seen throughout the show since the beginning, which makes the news very sad for both the Owens and fans alike.

The dog also featured in many pictures with Amanda and the family on social media, with the farming star regularly sharing. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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