Who Is Most Likely to Win ‘Survivor 41’, According to Us.


This season of Survivor is doing a lot (maybe too much), but between all the twists and changes, there’s a cast of characters whose entertainment value we can’t deny. While there may not be a clear “villain” of the season, there are several savvy players ready to blindside, lie, and manipulate their way to winning the title of Sole Survivor.

So as we inch closer to the big finale of the long-awaited Survivor 41, many of us are wondering who’s in the best position to win the season. While Survivor aficionados debate which player is the best, here’s our ranking of the Survivor 41 players.

Things aren’t looking too good for our guy Naseer on the Luvu tribe. Once Luvu is forced to go to tribal council, it seems like Naseer will be the first to get unanimously voted out.

On the Ua tribe, Genie is clearly at the bottom of the totem pole. She was blindsided in the Episode 3 vote, and her only close ally was voted out. Plus, it doesn’t looking like she’s making any big moves to protect her place in the game.

Nothing against Luvu’s Heather… we just have not seen her play at all. She seems like one of those Survivor characters who will only get screen time in the week she’s voted out.

Like Heather, we have seen very little of Erika so far. Luvu hasn’t yet gone to tribal council, so once they do, we’ll get a much better idea of where Erika stands. But as of now, even though she’s part of the winning tribe, it’s not likely she’ll be a very significant character this season.

Sorry J.D.! The former nerd is lovable and a definite audience fave, but he doesn’t make the *best* decisions. From lying about risking his vote to talking too much, it doesn’t seem likely that people will keep J.D. around for long, but we do expect he’ll make it to the merge, and definitely anticipate he’ll be back for another season.

No one loves Tiffany more than we do. She’s a true “survivor” and is clearly resilient. But when she doesn’t bother gelling with the other players she meets during her Beware Advantage tryst, it’s clear she doesn’t have a long-term game in mind. Plus, if Yase loses another immunity challenge because of her, she could definitely be on the chopping block.

Another Luvu… Brinkwire short summary.


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