Who is guest star Rita Wilson playing in 1883 on Yellowstone?


Who is Rita Wilson’s character in Yellowstone 1883?

Rita Wilson joins the cast of YELLOWSTONE’S prequel 1883, but what role does she play?

On Paramount(plus), Yellowstone’s 1883 is off to a strong start.

Not only is the show a Western epic that is rarely seen on television, but it has also attracted some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Rita Wilson is the most recent celebrity to join the cast, and this website has all the details on her upcoming appearance.

Yellowstone fans awaited the premiere of 1883 with bated breath, and it has so far lived up to expectations by bringing in some big-name talent.

While the main cast includes heavy hitters such as Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan and Billy Bob Thornton as Jim Courtright, the guest stars are equally impressive.

Tom Hanks’ appearance as General George Meade earlier this season wowed viewers.

The appearance, which took place during a flashback to the civil war, was completely unexpected.

This came about because Tim McGraw, the star of James Dutton, and Tom Hanks are old friends, and it appears that his wife, Rita Wilson, was also invited to appear.

While the specific episode in which she appeared has not been revealed, information about her character has.

Wilson will play Carolyn, a Doan’s Crossing storekeeper who helps Margaret (played by Faith Hill) relax with some whisky punch.

Wilson has been in major films for decades, most recently in Girls, Full Circle, and The Good Wife.

Jingle All the Way, Sleepless in Seattle, Runaway Bridge, and Now and Then are just a few of her notable film appearances.

Hanks and Wilson met on the set of the 1981 television show Bosom Buddies and married in 1988.

McGraw told Cinemablend about working with his friend and Hollywood legend, Tom Hanks, on his scenes.

“You never want to botch a scene when you’ve got Tom Hanks in there,” McGraw explained.

“But, yeah, he’s a really nice guy.”

We’ve known each other for quite some time.

His wife, Rita, and Faith are best friends, and Tom and I have known each other for 25 or 24 years.

“I knew there was this part in there, so I called him and asked if he’d be interested in showing up and doing a cameo.’

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