Who is Gigi Meyer, Urban Meyer’s daughter? After a viral video, the Jaguars coach’s family defends him.


Urban Meyer’s daughter and wife came to this aid after leaked videos showed him being uncomfortably close to a woman who is not his wife

Urban Meyer’s daughter and his wife have come to the Jacksonville Jaguars football coach’s aid after leaked videos showed him being uncomfortably close to a woman who is not his wife. “As much of our lives might seem different to everybody else’s we’re still human,” said Gigi on social media on Thursday, October 7. Gigi’s mother Shelley too backed her husband of 37 years. “We all make mistakes, we are all sinners,” she said in her farewell Twitter message. “If you think you aren’t? Then cast the first stone.”

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Shelley Meyer quits Twitter

Shelley informed social media users that she would be leaving Twitter because of the abuse she has been subjected to ever since the video went viral. “This will be my last post on Twitter,” she wrote. “Frankly, I don’t need the hate, vitriol, slander, trash that will @ me (this has never stopped anyway). To my wonderful followers/friends: THANK YOU. For your love, support, friendship, laughs-I will miss this the most. I love you ALL and wish God’s blessings on you. Thank you. PS I will be deleting right as I post this so I will not see responses. Much love!”

Who is Gigi Meyer?

The following are a series of videos of Meyer’s daughter talking about the current issue involving her father:

Urban Meyer has three children — Nicole (Nicki), Gisela (Gigi) and Nathan — Gigi being the youngest daughter and middle child. Like her elder sister, Gigi was a volleyball player and was captain of her team at Florida Gulf Coast University for four years. Before starting her own fitness brand ‘GFIT’, Gigi became a professional wakeboarder. Born on March 26, 1993, Gigi is married. Brinkwire Brief News.


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