‘Who dresses a child like that?’ – outrage over Prince George’s clothing for England’s upcoming match against Germany.


‘Who dresses a child like that?’ – outrage over Prince George’s clothing for England’s upcoming match against Germany.

PRINCE GEORGE watched England’s match against Germany with his parents, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, last night. He had a good time watching football with his happy parents.

A few of fans, on the other hand, were outraged by Prince George’s attire. The youngster was dressed in a suit and tie.

He was dressed in navy suits with white, red, and blue ties, almost identical to his father.

On the other hand, Kate was dressed in a red blazer.

However, many Britons were perplexed by the suit choice.

“Who outfits a youngster like that for a football match?” one Twitter user wondered.

Many people thought the young king should have supported England by wearing an England shirt.

One person wrote, “Prince George should have been permitted to wear an England shirt instead of a little adult jacket and tie!”

“It was a little warm. “I’ll wear an England shirt next time,” another joked.

“Poor little lad, having to watch England in a suit at Wembley. @England, would you please put a shirt on young Prince George?” one written

“Why are you making your little son wear a tie to a football game?” One admirer exclaimed, “It’s 2021, not 1921!”

“Stick the kid in an England shirt!” said another. Even if he is to be the future king, no seven-year-old child should ever be seen in a suit.”

“What is the point of dressing your seven-year-old in a suit? “Honestly,” wrote another.

The costume, on the other hand, received excellent feedback from a lot of admirers.

“Some kids enjoy dressing up for certain events, and he’s representing his country,” one added. I thought he appeared proud and intelligent.”

“Why? Because the seven-year-old is a member of the Royal Family, she is expected to have a formal sense of attire appropriate for the occasion and position, as well as a sense of duty and leadership that begins at an early age. He appears to be in good health, like a king should,” one said in response to the prior remarks.

Many people believed that a suit was the best choice for a future ruler, regardless of his age.

“Because he’s a prince who will become king one day. One person stated, “He has to be taught decorum early and often.”

“Take a look at that grin on his face. Why would it concern you if he doesn’t appear to be bothered?” another person stated.

Kate Middleton was dressed in a red blazer from a well-known high-street retailer.


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