‘Who am I?’ Brooke Shields, 56, flaunts her figure in a red swimsuit as she takes an ice bath.


Brooke Shields, 56, flaunts her figure while taking an ice bath in a red swimsuit.

On Thursday morning, BROOKE SHIELDS braced herself for an ice-cold bath in her backyard as she flaunted her superbly toned figure.

Brooke Shields stunned in a one-piece red swimsuit while her hair was effortlessly tied up in a bun in a video posted to her official Instagram page, kicking off her Thanksgiving celebrations with a new tradition.

As she made her way to the tub and began to lower her body into the icy cold container, the 56-year-old flaunted her incredible shape.

Thanksgiving has a new tradition.

Brooke Shields is an actress who is best known for her role as Brook

Brooke didn’t appear to be a novice when she placed both of her arms in the freezing water, took a deep breath, and slowly curled into a squat position.

In the background, Bill Withers’ song Lovely Day plays, creating a stark contrast between the laid-back melody of the 1977 song and a shivering Brooke trying to keep her cool.

Brooke tried to keep it cool while desperately trying to catch her breath while still managing to crack a smile at the person filming while wearing a retro pair of brown shades.

She joked, “Who am I?”

“New Thanksgiving tradition,” wrote the Blue Lagoon actress for her caption.

Brooke’s 1.4 million Instagram followers were clearly amused by her antics, as they expressed their delight in the comments section.

“Wait, a built-in ice barge in your backyard?” joked @mytrainerlive.

@gimmedug, another fan, was surprised that Brooke’s swimsuit didn’t turn blue in the cold, joking, “The suit doesn’t turn blue in the cold?”

Other fans applauded Brooke after noticing that she was confidently walking with ease after a horrific accident in a New York City gym in January.

Brooke broke her most prominent bone in her body when she landed on her upper leg after falling off a balancing fitness board that allegedly flew her so high into the air.

Brooke later told fans that she was learning to walk on crutches after doctors told her she had broken her femur and that she could be out for months.

“I’m so glad you’ve recovered from your accident, Brooke! You look amazing – I’m so happy for you,” an Instagram user wrote.

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