White vinegar can be used to clean hardwood floors.


White vinegar can be used to clean hardwood floors.

HARDWOOD FLOORING has become a household favorite thanks to its large and adaptable qualities, but how can you maintain it clean?

The rich timber style opens up any area and flows beautifully throughout the house, regardless of how different your furnishings are from room to room. With this simple hack employing a common home product, keeping your hardwood floors clean has never been easier.

Vinegar’s acidic qualities make it a cost-efficient and effective cleaning solution for a variety of surfaces in your house.

This hack may be done with any white vinegar, including white wine and regular white vinegar found in most shops.

This kitchen staple is an excellent alternative to the harsh chemicals found in many cleaning solutions for cleaning your hardwood floors.

To make this simple remedy, simply combine 1/2 cup white vinegar with a gallon (four cups) of lukewarm water.

Before adding the white vinegar, it’s better to use boiling water and let it cool.

To remove built-up filth and stains from your flooring, use the solution and a slightly damp mop-head to mop the surface.

Before cleaning with the two-ingredient solution, make sure the mop is virtually dry to the touch after dampening.

Once the flooring is clean, open windows and doors or use a cooling source such as a fan to dry it.

White toothpaste can be used to remove permanent marker stains from your flooring.

This bathroom necessity can be applied with a microfiber cloth and removed with a single wipe to restore the appearance of your floor.

Scratches and scuffs on wooden floors are unavoidable, but with this natural cure, they’ll be gone in no time.

Lightly wipe the scuffed spots with the shell of a walnut and watch them fade away, revealing the deep oak tone once more.

Talc is an excellent tool for repairing those pesky floor creaks.

Apply a light coating of baby powder to the squeaky area and work it in with a paintbrush until the noise is gone.


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