While working on his parents’ farm, Matt Baker scolds his wife. It’s time for you to quit talking.


While working on his parents’ farm, Matt Baker scolds his wife. It’s time for you to quit talking.

While working on Our Far in the Dales, MATT BAKER didn’t want to be disturbed by his wife, so he urged her to “stop talking” as he attempted to repair a roof.

Matt Baker, 43, was forced to leave The One Show last year after deciding to move to the Durham Hills to help his parents with their farm when his mother Janice was injured. Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales, a Channel 4 series, chronicles the presenter’s experience of looking after the 100-acre farm with the support of his family. Matt had left the family farm for London 22 years ago, but has now returned and taken over management for the entire operation.

When his wife Nicola Mooney appeared, the former Blue Peter singer was working on the top of a barn.

“How are things going?” He enquired of her. “The hole is clearly greater than it was,” she said.

“Are you going to finish it before it starts raining again?”

“I’m working as quickly as I can here,” Matt replied. Nicola, on the other hand, said, “I think you should speed up.”

As Nicola laughed, he said, “You need to quit talking to me and let me crack on.”

He went on to say, “You’re putting me off.” For the winter, he was striving to keep all of the chickens together and under one roof so that his mother could reach them more easily.

When Matt discovered the roof was leaking, a problem arose.

Molly, his 10-year-old daughter, helped him find the leaks and collect the water with buckets.

“With the roof being flexible, this debris has plummeted into the hole, forming a gully,” he said over the phone to his father Mike.

“What are your thoughts?” His father encouraged him to modify the building by raising the roof.

“The way I was brought up is simply ‘give a go yourself, if it doesn’t work out, get someone in,” Matt stated.

Just before the rain became too severe, Nicola and Molly were able to assist him in repairing the rood.

“No more dripping chickens!” exclaims the narrator. “Come on rain, let’s have it!” Matt exclaimed.

“Right now, we’re ready for you; do your worst.” “He’s a good teacher you see, he’s taught me well,” he added after calling his father to inform him.

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