While visiting a garden center, Monty Don says that fruit plants were pruned incorrectly.


While visiting a garden center, Monty Don says that fruit plants were pruned incorrectly.

After claiming that the gooseberry plants were pruned “absolutely wrong” during a visit to a garden centre, MONTY DON has taught how to prune fruit shrubs.

Monty assisted an amateur gardener in choosing plants for her garden in an episode of BBC Two’s Big Dreams, Small Spaces. Monty worked with amateur gardeners from all around the country to help them create their dream spaces in the series, which premiered in 2014. The gardening expert went to a nursery to select some plants.

Monty pointed to bushes of gooseberries and red currants.

“Here we go gooseberries,” he said.

“I would strongly recommend gooseberries and red currants.

“Inward increasing growth is the last thing you want; you want outward growing growth.”

He took a gooseberry plant and showed the novice gardener how it had been clipped incorrectly.

“As a result, this has been pruned almost exactly incorrectly.

“It’s been clipped just above a bud that’s been developing inwards,” says the author.

“However, that should actually be going in the opposite direction.

“In reality, none of them has been properly pruned.

“Invicta is great, and I grew up to be invicta.”

Gooseberry “Invicta” is a bush that produces enormous, pale green berries in late July.

It is one of the most popular gooseberry varieties.

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They are rather simple to grow, but they prefer full sun, moderate shade in hot weather, and well-drained soil.

The plant is also suitable for use in the United Kingdom because it is totally hardy.

Gooseberries are frequently the first bush fruit to be collected, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

However, Monty claims that the berries are best cooked rather than eaten fresh.

“Invicta is a cooking one,” he added. Gooseberry crumble, gooseberry fool, gooseberry pie, gooseberry jam, gooseberry jam…

“Eating a gooseberry is a wonderful experience in and of itself.

“It appears you’re going to get some gooseberries!”

Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens premieres tonight on BBC Two at 7 p.m.


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