While traveling, Camilla Parker Bowles reveals her secret to ‘healthy ageing.’


While traveling, Camilla Parker Bowles reveals her secret to ‘healthy ageing.’

As part of her royal duties, CAMILLA Parker Bowles travels extensively around the world. Despite her hectic schedule, the Duchess of Cornwall maintains her fitness and health thanks to one item that she keeps in her suitcase at all times.

Camilla Parker Bowles may be 73, but she is known to prioritize “healthy ageing” even when she is at her busiest. As a member of the Royal Family and the wife of Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall is frequently forced to fly large distances and spend time representing the United Kingdom.

With so much travel experience under her belt, the Duchess has devised a detailed packing list to ensure that all of her requirements are satisfied.

This involves making sure she has a specific exercise gear with her at all times to keep her “supple.”

Camilla is a great admirer of yoga and pilates, and she makes sure to exercise even while she’s on the road.

Royal author Robert Hardman disclosed in his 2018 book Queen of the World that she always travels with a yoga block to help her practice.

The discovery came during the Duchess’ 2017 visit of Southeast Asia, which she took with the Prince of Wales.

“The Duchess is touring a community center, where she dabbles in art, flower arranging, and cooking, as well as dropping in on a senior citizen yoga class,” Hardman reported.

“As she steps in, they all meekly freeze in place.

“She notices a ‘back brick’ and informs her tour guide that she never travels without one.

“‘Healthy aging is what we all need,’ she exclaims cheerfully.”

Yoga blocks are supposed to aid in the accessibility of particular postures, provide support for individuals practicing, and even increase strength.

The blocks are made of foam and are quite lightweight, making them easy to travel.

According to insiders, while attending a yoga session in Singapore, the Duchess mentioned how much she enjoys the practice and how beneficial it is to her health.

“Yoga is really excellent for you, isn’t it?” She stated her case.

“I practice a little yoga. A little yoga, a little Pilates.

“As you become older, it helps you become less stiff, which is healthy for your muscles.

“It makes you a lot more flexible.

“I believe it is critical to exercise and stretch as you grow older.”

Yoga isn’t the only way to take care of yourself. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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