While suspended from Sky News, Kay Burley worked at a food bank, which she described as a “amazing experience.”


While suspended from Sky News, Kay Burley worked at a food bank, which she described as a “amazing experience.”

Kay Burley volunteered at a food bank during her suspension from Sky News, which she characterized as a “wonderful experience.”

KAY BURLEY claimed she worked at a food bank after being barred from Sky in December for breaking Covid restrictions.

Last year, Kay Burley apologized for violating London’s Tier 2 Covid limits. The Sky News presenter was suspended for six months after she was caught holding a birthday celebration with a “restricted number” of her coworkers.

The 60-year-old said she had “quite an experience” after opting to do some community service after her time away from her regular duties.

The anchor revealed in a new interview that she wasn’t too “keen” to discuss the incident that led to her suspension.

Kay had planned a ten-person birthday celebration for herself at two tables in a Covid-compliant Soho restaurant.

As a result of the incident, two of her guests, Sky News political editor Beth Rigby and reporter Inzamam Rashid, were suspended for three months.

Guests were also supposedly invited to a party at her home, which she flatly rejected.

Kay revealed that she used her time volunteering at a food bank to keep herself occupied while she was off-air.

“I need to keep my head working the entire time,” she explained, which she did.

“I assisted 80-year-olds with reverse-parking in the snow at a local food bank and a local vaccine hub.”

She told The New York Times, “That was quite an event.” The time passed slowly, but now that I’m back, I’m getting back into the swing of things.”

Kay also indicated that she was unaware of the claim that one of her Sky News coworkers had released information to the press regarding her Covid violation.

“I’m not sure what’s going on. To the same site, she added, “I don’t know.” “All I know is that we got ourselves into a predicament we didn’t want to be in.”

Kay went on to add that she was “embarrassed” by the encounter and that she wanted to “move on” from it.

The broadcaster was on full pay suspension at the time of the Covid breach.

In the same article, she also expressed regret for “dragging” her coworkers into the mess.

Kay remarked, “I openly apologized.” Now that I’ve been fully sanctioned, we may continue.”

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