While still eating pizza, crisps, and burgers, a woman manages to lose 8 stone.


While still eating pizza, crisps, and burgers, a woman manages to lose 8 stone.

Mel Lynch, a party planner, gained weight during her furlough and tipped the scales at 22st 7lbs before switching to a calorie-controlled diet that allows her to eat her favorite foods.

Without giving up any of her favorite foods, including pizza and burgers, a woman lost more than eight stone.

Mel Lynch, 25, gained weight after meeting her boyfriend and eating “treat day” every day.

But after being furloughed in March of last year, the party planner’s weight skyrocketed, and she was soon weighing 22st 7lbs and struggling to fit into a size 28.

She started a strict calorie counting regime but continued to eat all of her favorite foods, realizing she’d never be able to stick to a restrictive diet.

She’s lost over eight stone and can now fit into a size 16 after weighing 14 stone 11 pounds.

”I have learned that you don’t need to deprive yourself to lose weight,” Mel, from Rhyl in north Wales, said.

”Your morning breakfast can still include doughnuts, pizza, burgers, and sugar.

”For dessert, every night, I have a chocolate bar.”

”Everything in moderation is fine,” says the author. ”I believe the main reason people can’t stick to a diet is because they restrict themselves too much and then punish themselves when they ‘fall off the wagon.’

”I did a lot of walking during lockdown, but I mostly lost weight by watching my calories.”

”I eat the same meals as before; I just keep track of my portions now.”

”It feels fantastic to finally have found something that works for me.”

Mel discovered that marrying Darius Williams, 28, an ice cream shop worker, in 2013 encouraged her to eat unhealthy foods.

She’d eat a lot of sugary foods and a lot of unhealthy snacks, on top of three takeaways a week.

Mel weighed herself in November 2020 and discovered she had gained 10 stone since high school.

She decided she needed a change after gradually creeping up to the largest size available at her favorite plus-size clothing line, Yours, and daily fears of breaking chairs and not fitting into restaurant seats.

She discovered calorie counting would be her ‘best bet’ after researching the best weight loss methods and downloaded the My Fitness Pal app to track her intake.

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”I calculated that if I just watched my calories, I could lose weight,” she said.


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