While debunking vaccination conspiracy theories, Jeremy Clarkson takes a humorous dig at the government.


While debunking vaccination conspiracy theories, Jeremy Clarkson takes a humorous dig at the government.

JEREMY CLARKSON took a funny dig at the government while urging people to obtain the coronavirus vaccine if they haven’t already.

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, is known for his amusing stories and sharp wit, and he couldn’t help himself when he made a cheeky dig at the government during the widespread Covid vaccination campaign. It comes after he urged people to acquire the vaccine to protect themselves and others from the disease that has paralyzed the planet for the past year and a half.

Governments are incapable of even fixing potholes.

Clarkson, Jeremy

The Grand Tour host took to Twitter to express his thoughts, with a little joke thrown in at the end.

“If you truly want to know what I believe, get vaccinated,” he wrote.

“It’s not a government plot,” says the author.

“Governments are incapable of even filling potholes.”

For the witticism, Kirsty Allsopp dubbed him a “legend,” while others agreed with the ultimate conclusion.

It comes after Jezza was obliged to clarify several remarks he made about the government’s and SAGE’s decisions to tighten lockdown at different stages during the outbreak.

Looking ahead, the journalist pondered whether we would simply have to accept Covid as a part of daily life if it were to continue to exist indefinitely.

He decided to lash out at the “silly left wing newspapers” after realizing a few publications had taken his statements out of context.

On Tuesday, a few stories claimed that the farmer had “hit out” at scientists because of the coronavirus pandemic.

After declaring “if you die, you die,” he received reaction, with headlines like “Jeremy Clarkson criticizes Covid scientists, saying “if you die, you die.”

In a retort, the former Top Gear personality wanted to be very clear about what he meant.

In light of his 7.3 million Twitter followers, he added, “I realize the Guardian and other dumb left wing papers are sh*t stirring.”

“However, I stated that ‘IF WE HAVE COVID FOREVER,’ we will have to open things up and accept that if we die, we will die.”

It comes after he expressed his views on the government’s and SAGE’s actions to tighten lockdown during the pandemic during the previous year and a half.

“When it started, I read up on.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Jeremy stated of their choices.


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