Which couples from season 8 of Married At First Sight Australia are still together?


Which couples from season 8 of Married At First Sight Australia are still together?

AUSTRALIA MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season eight is predicted to be even more dramatic than the previous season, but are any of the couples still together? On Monday night, Married At First Sight Australia returns to Channel 4’s sister channel E4 after nearly a year off-screen. The Australian series prompted a format shift for the UK edition of the show, which ended on Friday evening. The Australian episodes will appear on television in the UK before the reunion program for the British edition, which aired earlier this year in Australia. The following is a list of couples who are still together after completing the season eight audition process.

Melissa and Bryce’s journey will be followed by British fans over the next few weeks, but it appears the couple is poised for a long life together.

The couple married after walking down the aisle and went through many hardships and tribulations throughout their time on the show.

They were dubbed the most “controversial pair” of season eight by Australian reviewers, and they didn’t seem to get along with viewers.

Since exiting the social experiment, they’ve both uploaded photos of themselves having fun away from the cameras.

Following the completion of filming, Bryce traveled to Melissa’s hometown of Melbourne and has since relocated there.

They announced they were engaged in the summer of 2021 after realizing how much they wanted their experience on the show to be authentic.

Melissa is also expecting twins, and the two are both looking forward to becoming parents soon.

The expectant mother is due in December, and the couple is expecting two boys. The gender of the children has been revealed on social media.

They also got a puppy shortly after moving in together, which added another dimension of devotion to their relationship.

There is no greater gift than this.

Kerry and Johnny were both married before they started the experiment, making them the most experienced of all the candidates this year.

The couple fell in love at first sight and went on to have a romance during their time in the social experiment.

The couple will be shown making a vow to stick together in Season 8’s final commitment ceremony, and they are still an item.

“Brinkwire Summary News” reports that they have moved in together and are currently living together.


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