Which countries might be the next to go green? The 22 nations to which British citizens could travel


Which countries might be the next to go green? The 22 nations to which British citizens could travel

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS have thwarted many Brits’ vacation plans, but some experts believe that many more nations may be added to the green list in the near future.

The government’s traffic light system determines which nations are judged safe enough for British tourists to visit without having to return to the UK quarantined. Will the government relax its limitations on foreign travel as well, with domestic constraints scheduled to be eased on so-called freedom day on July 19?

Every three weeks, the government’s traffic light system classifies each country according to its Covid danger level.

Trips to countries with an amber status can only be made for important job, family, or compassionate reasons under current travel restrictions.

Trips to and from countries on the red list are prohibited unless the traveler has a compelling cause to do so.

This will cost £1,750 per individual, as all entrants from red-listed countries are required to remain in a government-run quarantine hotel for ten days.

Both amber and red list countries prohibit non-essential travel, such as vacations.

Only a small number of countries on the green list are permissible for vacation travel.

Will travel limitations be eliminated as well, with Boris Johnson telling the public that England is on pace to remove all Covid restrictions on July 19?

According to aviation consultant and former British Airways chief strategy Robert Boyle, 22 countries could be added to the green list soon.

He claims they match the government’s criteria for deciding whether or not a country should be moved from the amber to the green list.

These are the 22 countries:

Azerbaijan Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbai

France, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Taiwan, and Vietnam are all countries in Europe.

Mr Boyle claims to have used the same formula employed by the UK government to determine where a country belongs in the traffic light system.

Infection rates must be less than 20 instances per 100,000, with a positive Covid testing rate of less than 1.5 percent, according to the government’s requirements.

They also consider the success of a country’s immunization program when deciding whether to move it to the green list.

“There appears to be nothing in the data,” Mr Boyle added. Brinkwire Summary News


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