Whether or not ‘Pretty Smart’ will get a second season is still up in the air.


People love hating on sitcoms. The more traditional the format, the more ire they receive. But despite the deluge of hatred against traditional sitcoms, their popularity persists. Take Pretty Smart on Netflix, for instance. It’s been called the furthest thing from “inventive,” but it’s fairly popular. But will there be a Season 2?

One of the benefits of running a streaming platform is immediate audience feedback. The big shots know fairly quickly how many people are watching a program, how much it’s rewatched, how binge-able it is, and when the hype behind a series begins to fizzle out.

Netflix certainly has a decision-making process for the shows it decides to keep or ditch in a jiffy.

Some of its top-rated IPs pull in ridiculously huge numbers, like The Witcher with Henry Cavill or Lupin. It was known rather quickly with these programs as to whether or not they would earn additional seasons.

However, the media powerhouse sometimes takes a bit longer to announce if they will pour more money into creating a whole new batch of episodes for one of its original shows.

This is where Pretty Smart stands right now.

At the end of the day, all that really matters are the numbers that a show pulls in. No amount of critical love will keep a show around. Take a look at Fuller House. The “continuation” of an oft-maligned series that was somehow the most popular program in America at one time. It’s managed to clock five seasons on Netflix, despite early brutal reviews.

Will the same happen with Pretty Smart, which stars Hannah Montana actress Emily Osment? Well, that’s yet to be decided. Netflix hasn’t announced whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season, and since the streamer doesn’t release the numbers for its shows to the public, it’s difficult to know what their next play is.

Just binged #PrettySmart and damn you Netflix if you don’t renew it for season 2 after this cliffhanger!
I need Chelsea and Grant together! pic.twitter.com/0z4DHidt9v

The Chicago Sun-Timesdescribed Pretty Smart as such: “It’s almost as if the showrunners are aiming for a satire of a sitcom — but there’s nothing about the plot points, the dialogue, or the acting styles to indicate that.”

The review gets even more brutal: “Everyone on Pretty Smart is so chipper, it’s as if they’re in a cult. And… Brinkwire short summary.


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