Where Footballers’ Wives cast members are now – from lads’ mags covers to soap stardom.


Footballers’ Wives first graced our television screens back in 2002 but what have the likes of the stars who played Tanya Turner and Kyle Pascoe been doing since the final whistle was blown 15 years ago

Footballers’ Wives was a saucy ITV primetime drama that perfectly captured the rising world of the “WAGs” (wives and girlfriends of sportsmen) in the early 2000s.

If anything, it was ahead of its time. Take a snapshot of most footballers and their partners these days, and you’ll find real life versions of Jason Turner or Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe.

The iconic series was incredibly raunchy for a primetime TV slot and the nation was hooked on the behind–the–scenes exploits at Earls Park FC.

It ran for five series from 2002, and spawned an even racier spin-off Extra Time on ITV2 for two series.

From burned boobs and swapped babies to bonking the manager to death, there was no shortage of drama on Footballer’s Wives.

While fans campaign for ITV to bring it back, Brinkwire has take a look at what some of the cast members have been up too since leaving the show.

As the wicked witch of the WAGs, super b**ch Tanya Turner loved to plot the downfall of others.

The blonde bombshell’s life was filled with drama from bed-hopping to murder – with a hefty amount of back-stabbing thrown in for good measure.

Who can forget when Tanya Turner decided to sh*g the manager of Earls Park FC to death?

After leaving Footballers’ Wives, bad girl Tanya fittingly popped up in jailbird drama Bad Girls, serving hard time after being caught red-handed with her precious narcs.

In real life, actress Zoe struggles to watch some of the X-rated antics Tanya got up to.

“I can’t believe I did some of those sex scenes – I’d never do that now,” the TV star told The Mirror in March this year.

“I was semi-naked most of the time.

She added: “I’m very grateful for the role, but afterwards I took myself out of the limelight for a while.

“I did some theatre in New Zealand and I did some volunteer work in Zambia. I’m very happy not to have that level of fame now.”

Zoe, now 47, went on to star in EastEnders and Hollyoaks but quit in 2016 to spend more time with her daughter Lily, 11, and husband James Herbert.

Laila Rouass found fame as Tanya Tuner’s love rival Amber Gates in Footballers’ Wives having joined in series three.

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