Where does Lie With Me take place? Charlie Brooks travels to Australia for a Channel 5 thriller.


Where does Lie With Me take place? Charlie Brooks travels to Australia for a Channel 5 thriller.

LIE WITH ME, which premiered on July 12, was recently released on Channel 5. But where does the show take place?

Lie With Me, also known as With Intent, follows a family as they relocate to a new country in search of a new beginning.

After the transfer, though, things quickly spiral out of control.

The cast is led by Charlie Brooks, but where is the Channel 5 series set?

Lie With Me premiered on Channel 5 on July 12 and follows a family as they navigate a painful experience after relocating to a new nation.

The family, lead by Anna Fallmont (Charlie Brooks), relocates to Australia in the hopes of repairing her marriage to her husband Jake (Brett Tucker).

“The series centers on a British woman and her husband seeking a fresh start in Australia after adultery damaged their marriage,” according to the official synopsis issued by Channel 5.

“They hire a young local nanny who isn’t as innocent as she appears, and the results are fatal.”

Channel 5 is keeping the primary plot under wraps for the time being, but the series promises to be full of surprises right from the outset.

As the fallout from the family’s departure to Australia unfolds, the series is divided into four sections.

The show is a British/Australian co-production that was shot on location in Melbourne and features actors from both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Although no other locations have been revealed, viewers will undoubtedly be seeking for well-known landmarks when the series premieres.

Brooks, who plays Anna, is well known for her role as Janine Butcher in EastEnders, which she just confirmed a return to.

Tucker, who played Daniel Fitzgerlad in Neighbours and Lucas Ripley in Station 19, a Grey’s Anatomy firefighter spin-off, may be familiar to viewers.

Ian Bliss, Phoebe Roberts, Caroline Gillmer, and Stephan Lopez round out the cast.

In addition, Channel 5 has produced a trailer for the show ahead of its broadcast, giving viewers an idea of what to expect.

“We came here to start a new life,” Anna Fallmont says at the start of the trailer. All that horrible stuff faded away when we moved to a new nation and started a new life.”

Becky Hart, the new nanny, is also seen entering the Fallmont household in the trailer.

With a. “Brinkwire Summary News,” there is clearly a lot of tension between Anna and Becky.


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