Where can you get Ferraris in Fortnite for time trials and peak speed challenges?


Where can you get Ferraris in Fortnite for time trials and peak speed challenges?

Epic Games has partnered with Ferrari to allow FORTNITE players to drive the Ferrari 296 GTB throughout the island.

Epic Games has added the Ferrari 296 GTB to Battle Royale in Fortnite.

Fans may now drive the world-famous sports car across the island thanks to the latest high-profile cooperation.

Epic Games announced the news on Twitter, saying, “Get ready to enjoy the excitement of the ride Racing car Buckle up and get ready to experience Ferrari’s new 296 GTB on the Island.” New cosmetics have also been introduced to the item shop, in addition to Ferrari vehicles.

“Starting at 10 a.m. ET on July 22, Ferrari enthusiasts may ride in style with new Item Shop offerings,” Epic says. The Modena Icon and Maranello Racer Outfits, as well as the Ferrari Turbo Back Bling, are included in the Ferrari Bundle.

“Get behind the wheel of the Ferrari 296 GTB in Fortnite today, it’s the definition of fun to drive!

” To commemorate the addition of the Ferrari 296 GTB to Fortnite, gamers can take part in a series of tasks in which they must use the new car.

Completing Ferrari Time Trials, reaching maximum speed in a Ferrari, and driving a Ferrari through the Storm will gain you additional XP towards the Battle Pass.

While the cars will undoubtedly be in high demand in the coming days, there are plenty other Ferraris strewn over the island.

Ferraris may be located at Believer Beach, Pleasant Park, Retail Row, and Lazy Lake, as shown on the map above.

The supercars can also be found in Holly Hedges and Misty Meadows.

A pair of Ferraris can be found at Steamy Stacks, another between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp, and still another between Dirty Docks and Corny Complex.

Only a few days after the introduction of version 17.20, the Ferrari 296 GTB joins the game.

A new preferred item slot option has been added to the newest Fortnite version.

Players can now allocate items to specific weapon slots with the new feature activated.

For example, you can put healing items in the right slot and assault guns in the left. This implies that when you pick up the aforementioned objects, they will immediately go into that slot.

In addition, Fortnite version 17.20 brought the gravity gun and the Bugha skin to the game files.


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