‘Where are my points?’ Tesco Clubcard warns customers who use their reward card at the checkout.


‘Where are my points?’ Tesco Clubcard warns customers who use their reward card at the checkout.

Customers with TESCO credit cards may be missing out on Clubcard points and discounted rates due to an Apple Pay payment glitch.

Tesco credit card holders frequently receive points and benefits without scanning their Clubcard. This is because it also functions as a Clubcard, allowing customers to earn points every time they use their card. Customers have discovered, however, that when buying using Apple Pay, they do not receive points.

Every £4 spend in Tesco earns you five Clubcard points when you pay with Tesco’s credit card.

However, some customers have noted that when they pay using Apple Pay, they do not receive points.

“Apple Pay with a Tesco credit card provides you no Clubcard points, I was told it is a third party supplier,” Linda Kirkland tweeted.

“One of the major selling features for their credit card is that every transaction earns you Clubcard points.

“You don’t…at least not with Apple Pay.”

“I need Martin Lewis to cover this, it’s so confusing,” complained another customer, Ben.

Will Third responded, “You might wish to double-check that the Clubcard number on your Tesco credit card is linked to your Tesco account.”

“I examined a few Apple Pay transactions and saw that I was rewarded with points for my purchases.”

“Paid for a shop using my credit card via Apple Pay, and it appears the Clubcard didn’t operate, and I missed out on points,” Anne Hime stated.

“Where are my points?” Tina Burgess added. It has only recently occurred to me that I may be missing out on them.” Customers must swipe their Clubcard before purchasing to receive Clubcard points, according to Apple Pay’s FAQ page.

“When a customer uses a Tesco Bank credit card at a Tesco store, they get points for both their purchases and for paying with their Tesco Bank card,” the grocer noted.

“If clients pay with Apple Pay, they must first swipe their Clubcard at the register to guarantee they receive all points and discounts.”

“Information on Apple Pay may be found in the welcome packet, on our website, and on our online community sites.

“We can adjust it if a consumer does not receive their entire distribution of points and discounts.”

Customers should be able to claim missing points through customer support if they discover them.

Customers with a Tesco Clubcard have access to all of the. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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