‘When you depart, TV will fall apart.’ As Fred Dinenage leaves ITV, Phillip Schofield pays tribute.


‘When you depart, TV will fall apart.’ As Fred Dinenage leaves ITV, Phillip Schofield pays tribute.

After Fred Dinenage announced his retirement from ITV after nearly 40 years as a news anchor, PHILLIP SCHOFIELD paid tribute to his colleague.

Fred Dinenage has announced that he will be quitting ITV Meridian after nearly four decades as a news anchor for the network. He’s one of ITV’s longest-serving regional news anchors, but he’s announced that he’ll be leaving his post at the end of the year. Phillip Schofield honored the broadcasting great for his long career on Tuesday’s episode of This Morning.

“I’ve always said Fred, you’re like the ravens in the Tower of London,” Phillip stated on the show, referring to Fred.

“This scares me because I’m afraid everything would fall apart if you leave TV.”

“Well, I won’t go fully,” Fred replied. It’s just that I’ve had an incredible run.

He added, “I just felt it was time to pull back, to shift course a little bit after 58 years with ITV.”

Fred talked about how much he’ll miss his job, but he especially mentioned how much he’ll miss his faithful viewers.

“Our viewers have really been great to me,” he stated, reflecting on his long career.

“Last night at six o’clock on our ITV Meridian show, I thanked our viewers for sharing with me so much great love and loyalty for so many years,” I added.

“We stop and talk in the street wherever I am, and they tell me about their difficulties as if we’ve known each other for years, which we have.

“So,” Fred stated, “I’m going to miss them horribly.”

“Because you’ve been anchoring that show for so many years, you’ve been at the forefront of things, breaking significant stories,” Holly added.

“Can you tell me about some of those standout instances for you?”

“I think one of my earliest recollections was interviewing The Beatles on Salisbury Plain while they were filming Help,” Fred said.

“Would you think Ringo Starr asked for my autograph for his mother? He remarked, “I should have asked him for his.”

“Yes, you should!” Holly responded, stunned by Fred’s legendary experience.

“On a more somber note, the terrible death of young schoolgirl Sarah Payne in Sussex some years ago,” Fred said, listing his most memorable news articles.

“That had a big impact on me because I became really interested with the family.”

“Of course, the Novichoc poisonings in Salisbury..” “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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