When will the Inspector Morse series return? The release date for Endeavour has been established.


When will the Inspector Morse series return? The release date for Endeavour has been established.

ENDEAVOUR fans have been excitedly anticipating the start of season eight of the blockbuster drama on ITV. The wait is nearly over now that the release date has been set.

Endeavour aired its final episode on ITV in February 2020. The event, like so many others, had to deal with delays and restrictions as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, but happily, it will be back soon. After such a lengthy wait, fans are eager to watch DC Endeavour Morse (played by Shaun Evans) and DI Fred Thursday’s next adventure (Roger Allam).

Endeavour has been one of ITV’s most popular detective series since its premiere in 2012.

Endeavour, which debuted in the shadow of the renowned Inspector Morse show, has proven to be a fantastic addition to the long-running franchise.

The first seven seasons focused on the early years of the renowned character, who was initially performed by John Thaw.

Season eight is set to be just as exciting, with Endeavour’s Morse and Fred Thursday returning to solve three new cases.

The first episode of the three-part season will air on Sunday, September 12 at 8 p.m., followed by the next two episodes the following Sundays.

Despite the fact that there are only three episodes, ITV refers to them as films, giving them a feature-length runtime of roughly 120 minutes, as in prior seasons.

Following the broadcast on ITV, all three episodes will be available on ITV Hub and the streaming service Britbox.

Season eight’s plot has yet to be revealed, and there is currently no trailer for the upcoming season available.

The final three episodes will most likely focus on the interaction between Endeavour and Fred, as well as the influence Season 7’s conclusion had on Endeavour.

Last week, star Roger Allam discussed the relationship between the two renowned characters with ITV’s Lorraine.

“There’s always been tension,” Allam noted, “but this time, Endeavour is going through a major crisis because the lady he loved died in his arms at the end of the previous season.

“And this sends him on a path of regret and binge drinking, and he sort of loses the plot.”

This is a part of Endeavour’s past that was initially hinted at in the first season of the show.

“Brinkwire Summary News” describes the time period between the Endeavour series and Inspector Morse.


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