When will Peter Wright retire, asks The Yorkshire Vet?


When will Peter Wright retire, asks The Yorkshire Vet?

THE YORKSHIRE VET has been on Channel 5 for 12 seasons, with Peter Wright as the host. But when will the veterinary superstar call it a day?

To the surprise of many, Yorkshire Vet star Peter Wright recently announced that he was leaving the Skeldale surgery. This could be the first of several startling surprises for fans, with many already speculating if the veteran will be leaving the Channel 5 series anytime soon. Wright just announced his long-term plans.

The Yorkshire Vet, which debuted in 2015 and follows the activities of Skeldale Veterinary Centre in Thirsk, has become a fan favorite.

The show’s coverage of Peter Wright and Julian Norton’s work has been extensive after 12 series in six years.

However, Wright’s choice to migrate from Skeldale has left fans worrying about the star’s future.

Wright was forced to quit the clinic since it decided to focus on pets rather than agricultural animals, causing him to depart.

Wright, although contemplating retiring after forty years in the industry, has opted against it and now has more ambitions than ever.

Wright told This website, “Skeldale Veterinary Centre has been my life for about 40 years now, and the past 20 of that was pretty much as a senior partner, leading the clinic.”

“The sad thing was that Skeldale had reached a stage where conducting farm work was no longer economically viable.”

Wright has repeatedly stated that he enjoys working with various types of animals and that he enjoys his job because he gets to operate on so many different creatures.

“So it was either continuing to do it but not being completely satisfied because I enjoy being a mixed practitioner,” Wright concluded. “So it was a question of whether I should retire completely or simply bow out gracefully.”

Wright has worked on a variety of initiatives throughout the years, ranging from farming to veterinary work to writing books like The Yorkshire Great and Small.

In an interview with Northern Life Magazine in January of 2020, Wright discussed some of his future ambitions, which include numerous journeys.

Wright still intends to expand beyond Yorkshire in his quest to protect animals, with trips planned to South Africa and Ethiopia. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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