When will Pakistan be removed from the list of sanctioned countries? The most up-to-date travel advice and a Covid update.


When will Pakistan be removed from the list of sanctioned countries? The most up-to-date travel advice and a Covid update.

For months, Pakistan has been on the UK’s red list; when will it be transferred to the amber list?

Later this week, the government will update its green, amber, and red travel listings. Many people hope that Pakistan will be removed from the amber list, allowing British citizens to visit their friends and family there. When Pakistan was placed on the red list in April because to worries about the Delta variant, all travel to the country was halted.

Because of the country’s red-list status, many people have been unable to travel there.

The Government says that nations on the red list pose the greatest Covid risk and should only be visited “in the most dire of situations.”

Those planning a trip to Pakistan today would encounter the most stringent travel restrictions.

Upon their return to England, travelers would be required to remain in a quarantine-managed hotel for ten days.

However, travel experts believe it will soon be placed on the amber list.

This would allow fully vaccinated British citizens to visit without having to go through quarantine.

According to I news, Paul Charles, the CEO of the PC Agency, Pakistan, India, Kenya, and Bahrain would soon be removed from the red list.

Since late June, the number of Covid cases in Pakistan has been rapidly increasing.

However, they are still fairly low, with only 3,582 new cases reported on August 2.

This is far less than the number of cases reported by the majority of amber list locations.

Travel to Pakistan is fraught with concerns about the Delta virus and the country’s inadequate vaccination program.

Only about 3% of the population has received all of their vaccinations.

However, due to its low infection rates, the country may potentially be added to the amber list in the future update.

Every three weeks, the traffic light system is evaluated, with countries shifting between the lists based on the most recent Covid data.

Countries with low infection rates and strong immunization rates might be moved “up” a list, alleviating travel restrictions.

Countries with a high number of instances may be moved to a list with stricter travel restrictions, such as the red list.

The lists were last updated on July 14, with Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps giving a press conference to announce the changes.

“Brinkwire Summary News” broke the story.


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