When will Midsomer Murders be back on the air?


When will Midsomer Murders be back on the air?

On Sunday night, MIDSOMER MURDERS returned for a two-hour special, and fans were overjoyed to see the detective thriller back on television. But when will it come back? On Sunday night, ITV’s Midsomer Murders returned, and viewers were treated to a murder investigation that went horribly wrong. A genuine killer struck at Hulton Manor, and it was up to DCI John Barnaby (played by Neil Dudgeon) to figure out what had happened. Fans are eager to learn if the show will return next weekend.

At the weekend, DCI Barnaby and his partner DS Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix) returned for another murder case, and fans were treated to two hours of ITV drama.

The detective series took a new direction as it examined new issues in a setting other than Midsomer’s iconic cottages.

The episode received mixed reviews from fans, with many claiming that it was too similar to Jonathan Creek.

This was largely owing to the presence of Jonathan Creek players such as Stuart Milligan and Caroline Quentin in the cast.

The majority of viewers appreciated the special episode and were eager to learn if the series would return on a more regular basis.

Because this was a one-off episode, the series will not be returning next weekend.

Fans voiced their dismay when they learned that the drama will not be returning any time soon.

“Enjoyed Midsomer Murders tonight but disappointed that it isn’t airing next week,” Vivienne Hall commented on Twitter. #midsomermurders.” “The way they broadcast #midsomermurders on @ITV is very aggravating,” Debbie Blackman said.

“It took two and a half years to finish Season 21, and every country had seen it before the UK, and they’re doing it again with this series.”

“Aww, bawling at the conclusion of #MidsomerMurders – truly enjoyed tonight’s!” Jennifer C Wilson said. Hopefully, there will be some new ones soon.” “We need more please,” Mandyfo wrote, with other fans speculating that it would have made the ideal Christmas special.

“Why is this sequence of #MidsomerMurders so spread out?” Jess wondered.

Season 22 premiered in April of 2021 and consists of six episodes in total.

After a hiatus owing to Covid worries, filming resumed in October 2020 with all of the normal cast and crew. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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