When will Amanda Owen’s home The Firs, in Yorkshire, be open to the public?


When will Amanda Owen’s home The Firs, in Yorkshire, be open to the public?

When is Amanda Owen’s home in Yorkshire, The Firs, going to be open to the public?

Amanda Owen’s migration from Ravenseat has piqued the interest of fans of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM. Is it still feasible to stay at The Firs as a visitor?

Fans are looking forward to seeing more of The Yorkshire Shepherdess and her family when Our Yorkshire Farm returns to Channel 5 before the end of the year. Amanda Owen has been keeping fans up to date on the family’s relocation to Anty Johns, which is near Ravenseat Farm. This page will provide you with all of the information you require regarding how this will effect your stay at The Firs.

Amanda Owen, who starred in our Yorkshire Farm series, has continued to provide us insight into the couple’s and their children’s lives at Ravenseat, where they live and work.

Amanda revealed earlier this year that they would be relocating from their rented residence to an Anty Johns property.

She and her husband, Clive, were keen to establish their own roots and provide a secure future for their children.

They had to make the difficult decision to completely renovate their new farmhouse because it had not been lived in for years.

They had to fight without running water or power for a long time, but their new home is nearly finished.

This means they’ll have to say goodbye to The Firs, their 17th-century farmhouse.

According to Amanda, the family purchased the farmhouse as a more permanent residence.

“You feel really fleeting,” she continued, “as if we’re only a small part of a larger story that will be handed on to someone else.”

The Firs has been used as a vacation house by visitors since it is an ideal rural refuge for families.

The property has six bedrooms as well as several historic features.

Due to the coronavirus’s restrictions, reservations for lodging are presently unavailable.

This was according to The Yorkshire Shepherdess website at the time of writing.

Fans will have to keep an eye on the website for updates on whether or not the house will be rented out after the transfer.

“A stay at The Firs is your chance to actually escape to the country and get away from it all,” the website reads.

Brinkwire Summary News indicates that if you need to use your phone or the internet while you’re here, a 15-minute drive to Kirkby Stephen will bring you a signal.


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