When was ‘Dexter’ going to take the plunge?


Both of us saw some of our favorite TV shows go sour. Viewers will also mark the moment when a show took a nosedive or “jumped the shark.” “Jump the shark” was invented after Fonzie had actually jumped over a huge white shark on water skis for Happy Days.

A’ jump the shark moment’ is one that authors have come up with, trying desperately to interest audiences.

Dexter from Showtime was about a serial killer who just murders bad guys. Dexter had a broad fan base, but it joined the list of favorite series that jumped the shark at one point. When are fans claiming this happened?

How was “Dexter” initially terminated?

‘Dexter’: Also under these extraordinary conditions, Michael C. Hall and co-star Jennifer Carpenter continued to work together.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) prepares to move to Argentina with his son Harrison and his sweetheart Hannah in the original series finale of “Dexter” (Yvonne Strahovski). But a private investigator is determined to have Hannah arrested. So Dexter, promising to join them later, sends Harrison and Hannah ahead.

While chasing a serial killer, Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter), Dexter’s adopted sister and a police officer, is shot in the stomach. Throughout the process, complications occur and she falls into a waking coma.

It causes Dexter to give up his initial plans.

Dexter takes Deb off life support and speeds away with her body in his boat as a hurricane hits Miami. Sections of his boat were found, and it is suspected that Dexter was lost at sea. It is, however, revealed in the very last scene that Dexter is still alive and living in Oregon as a lumberjack. With this ending, many fans were really disappointed.

A remake of ‘Dexter’ is in the works

PopCulture.com reports that a Dexter reboot is scheduled to begin filming in January 2021. Towards the end of 2021, it will air on Showtime. It will consist of just 10 episodes, and Dexter will be portrayed again by Michael C. Hall.

Clyde Phillips, the original showrunner, will return for the revival as well. Halfway through its run, Phillips had left the original series to spend more time with his family. He had pictured the conclusion of the series differently, so it would be fascinating to see what knowledge he came up with for the revival.

He said in an interview that 10 years after the conclusion of the original season, the series will be set and that they do not intend to reverse or reset what has already occurred.

In a new city, away from Miami, the reboot will also take place. The exact filming location, however, has not been disclosed yet. Phillips has also stated that Dexter will continue to be a serial killer.

When was the dive taken by the original series?

Many fans claim that, before its lackluster conclusion, Dexter took a turn for the worse. And the views on exactly when the series jumped the shark are different.

Rolling Stone and some Reddit fans both claim that this happened in Dexter’s fourth season. Rolling Stone notes that while Dexter suffered a decline as early as season 2, the shark’s actual jumping did not occur until the end of season 4, when Dexter murders the Trinity Murderer, the character of John Lithgow. “I enjoyed it until he (Dexter) found his “serial killer mentor” who had a family and stuff,” one fan said on Reddit.

I was meh, then.’ Another proposed watching and then leaving before the end of Season 4.

Entertainment Weekly, however, had a different view as to when Dexter jumped the shark, saying that in season 6 it took place. The jumping of the shark is said to have occurred when Deb learns that Dexter is a serial killer. She vows to keep an eye on him so he can stop hurting himself. However, this storyline falls by the wayside, since it defeats the series’s intent.

To kill, Dexter needs to be free.

The article also notes that when Dexter chooses to sleep with Hannah instead of killing her in a Fifty Shades of Grey-esque scene, it’s a jumping-the-shark moment.

Let’s hope the reboot does not make the same mistakes and can deliver a more satisfying ending for Dexter fans.


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