When to plant your winter bulbs: How the weather in the UK may effect planting timing – IMPORTANT INFORMATION


When to plant your winter bulbs: How the weather in the UK may effect planting timing – IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Many garden-loving Brits are busy planting bulbs in preparation for the winter, but how can you adapt your timings to fit the weird British weather?

For many Brits, gardening may be a difficult endeavor, as the variable weather and extended seasons make planning planting dates more difficult. With the late summer heat wave followed by a sharp drop in temperature, planting your winter bulbs this year may not be as simple as usual. This website consulted with horticultural professionals to determine the best time to plant your winter bulbs.

There are more households than ever finding for ways to keep their garden thrive all year round, with an estimated three million Brits taking up gardening during shutdown.

According to Met Office data, the UK’s average annual temperatures have risen by about 3.9 percent since 2015, indicating that there’s no better time than now to reconsider your planting schedule.

Whether you’re a novice gardener or a self-proclaimed gardening genius, adjusting your outside duties to the changing environment is critical to maintaining a healthy plant display all year.

Winter bulbs are one way to keep your garden looking beautiful as the greenery fades to bare branches over the winter months, and now is the time to plant them.

In many respects, 2021 has been an unpredictable year, with the weather leading the list.

This year’s British summer arrived in full force, bringing with it humidity, cloudy skies, and a flurry of showers, all of which wreaked havoc on our plants’ growth.

The delayed growing season means that many gardens are still blooming, taking up valuable planting space for those winter blooms, despite the lack of sunshine in the UK.

Shannon Keary, host of the ‘Diaries of a Lady Gardener’ podcast, told This website exclusively: “The delayed growing season this year has meant that most of the beds aren’t yet free.”

“It’ll be a problem to make sure all the bulbs go out at the same time, despite the fact that there’s still a lot of veg growing and flowers blooming that I can’t bear to dig up just yet.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” for example.


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