When this song reached No. 1, Paul McCartney said the Beatles “jumped on each other’s backs.”


When this song reached No. 1, Paul McCartney said the Beatles “jumped on each other’s backs.”

The Beatles, according to Paul McCartney, should not visit the United States until one of their songs has reached No. 1 in the country.

When one of The Beatles’ songs eventually reached No. 1 in the United States, the band members reacted by leaping on each other’s backs. Following that, Paul stated that one of the song’s elements was a blatant appeal to The Beatles’ followers.

Some of The Beatles’ songs, according to Paul McCartney, are “shameless.”

Paul discussed a few of The Beatles’ No. 1 songs in a 2015 interview with Billboard. Many of The Beatles’ early songs were more sophisticated than their later tracks, he said. He thought this was a good thing about The Beatles’ discography.

Some of The Beatles’ early songs, according to Paul, were “fan songs.” “All of our early songs had’me’ or ‘you’ in them,” he said. “To the fans, we were fully honest and shameless: ‘Love Me Do,’ ‘Please Please Me,’ and ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand.'” Why Paul McCartney believed the Beatles needed one of their songs to reach No. 1 in the United States before touring the country “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” one of these “shameless songs,” helped the Fab Four get to America, but only after it reached No. 1. ‘We don’t want to go to America until we have a No. 1 record,’ I told Brian [Epstein, the band’s manager],’ Paul recounted. “A number of British performers went there and returned with the audience being underwhelmed by them.” ‘We don’t want to be like that,’ I added. We want to be on top if we go.’ The Beatles: To Connect with Fans, John Lennon and Paul McCartney Used These Two Words in Song Titles and Lyrics When The Beatles learnt that “I Want to Hold Your Hand” had hit No. 1 in the United States, Paul talked about how he felt. “We were performing in Paris at the Olympia Theatre, a famous old theater where Edith Piaf had performed, and we got a telegram — as you did back then — saying, ‘Congratulations, No. 1 in US charts,'” he recounted. “We leaped on one other’s backs,” says the narrator. We were just partying late at night after a show.

“It was because of that record that we were able to travel to America.”

In the United States, ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ became the first of The Beatles’ 20 No. 1 singles.

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