When Prince Charles visits Scotland, he wears a kilt, as per royal tradition.


When Prince Charles visits Scotland, he wears a kilt, as per royal tradition.

PRINCE CHARLES wore a traditional kilt when visiting a beach cleanup crew in Scotland today.

When the Prince of Wales visits Scotland, he typically wears a traditional kilt to fully immerse himself in the communities he visits. The kilt was made of Rothesay tartan and was vivid red in color with green and white tartan stripes running through it, ideal for the chilly weather of Scrabster Beach in Caithness. Prince Charles donned a tie that was identical to the traditional Scottish attire, with red, yellow, and green stripes.

He paired the lively colors with a modest grey waistcoat and jacket, as well as knee-length green socks and smart black shoes to complete the look.

The Royal Family adores Scotland, with Balmoral being one of the Queen’s favorite summer royal palaces.

When visiting Scotland, the family will always try to wear some type of Scottish attire to show respect and gratitude.

The Royal Family has its own Balmoral tartan, which was developed by Prince Albert in 1857 and can only be worn with the Queen’s approval.

When the prince visits Scotland, he frequently wears a kilt since, in addition to his formal title of Prince of Wales, he is also known in Scotland as the Duke of Rothesay and Baron of Renfrew.

Prince Charles, as Duke of Rothesay, will frequently wear a kilt for official royal events to demonstrate his ties to and admiration for the country.

When visiting Scotland, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, would also wear kilts to show his appreciation for the country and to honor the country of his formal title.

Photographers at Balmoral captured a family shot of the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne a few months after the Queen’s coronation in 1952.

For the shot, Prince Philip wore a green, black, and white tartan kilt, expressing his gratitude for being in Scotland.

The Prince of Wales grew up wearing the Balmoral tartan, as evidenced by a photograph of him wearing a kilt in Balmoral to commemorate his seventh birthday in 1955.

Charles looks charming in his small suit and kilt, which is quite similar to the suit and kilt he was photographed wearing 66 years later in Caithness.

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